• Guillermo Martínez

    Guillermo Martínez

  • Writer and Ph.D. in Mathematics, from the University of Oxford. Collaborator for the Argentinian newspapers La Nación and El Clarín, amongst others. Winner of various literary prizes, among them, Planeta Argentina (2003) and the Premio Hispanoamericano de Cuentos Gabriel García Márquez (2014). His novel Los Crímenes de Oxford (The Oxford Crimes) was inspired by the film of the same name directed by Alex de la Iglesia in 2008. He is a specialist on Borges and the relationship between his life work and mathematics. Quote: "I am not surprised that a mathematician can be a writer as well".
  • Alberto Rojo

    Alberto Rojo

  • Argentinian physicist, musician and writer living in USA. Ph.D in Physics, a specialist in Quantum Mechanics. He studies the correlation between literature and physics, and, day to day life between them, subjects that stand out in his publications: Borges y la Física Cuántica: Un Científico en la Biblioteca Infinita y La física en la vida cotidiana, (Borges and Quantum Physics: A Scientist in the Infinite Library and Physics in Day to Day Life), amongst others. As guitarist and composer, he has gained important recognition; he participated in the musical album "Corazón Libre" belonging to Mercedes Sosa, who was awarded the
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  • Juan Manuel Garrido

    Juan Manuel Garrido

  • Ph.D. in Philosophy, Summa Cum Laude, of the Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg. MA in Comparative Literature of the State University of New Buffalo. Visiting academic to the Max Planck Institut fur Wissenschaftsgeschichte with the project “The Knowledge of Life and the Life Sciences”. Has published many books and articles, the last one, still in writing, titled “The Historical Epistemology of Jacques Derrida”. He is currently a philosophy professor at the Universidad Alberto Hurtado.
  • Andres Gomberoff

    Andres Gomberoff

  • Ph.D. in Sciences, with a mention in Physics (Universidad de Chile). An investigator for Field Theory and Gravitation, he undertakes outreach in science in the written and audiovisual media. He has written books aimed at bringing together a less specialized public. Defends the idea that all human cultural disciplines have a common origin, so it is not correct, even harmful, to arbitrarily divide them into antagonistic groups like science and humanities. Currently, he is an academic at the Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias of the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.
  • Cristóbal Holzapfel

    Cristóbal Holzapfel

  • Ph.D. in Philosophy, with a mention in Germanistics and Romanistics from the University of Freyburg in Brisgovia. Professor and investigator of the Universidad de Chile. Author of various books and articles. PI of various Fondecyt projects.
  • María Gabriela Huidobro

    María Gabriela Huidobro

  • Ph.D. in History (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile). Dean for the Facultad de Educación y Ciencias Sociales of the Universidad Andrés Bello.
  • Andrea Kottow

    Andrea Kottow

  • Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Languages and Literature, Master in General and Compared Literature (Universidad de Chile) and Ph.D. In History of Medicine (Dr. Rer. Medic) of the Institute for History of Medicine, Medicine Faculty, Freie Universität Berlin. She is professor and investigator for the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, and is now developing the Proyecto FONDECYT Regular 2018 “La literatura en el diván: escenas psicoanalíticas en las literaturas chilenas y argentinas” (Regular Fondecyt Project fund for 2018).
  • Ricardo Martínez

    Ricardo Martínez

  • Ph.D. in Linguistics (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) and Master in Cognitive Science as well as Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Languages and Literature. Currently professor and investigator in the Universidad de Chile. Co-founder for the “Tercera Cultura” (third culture) Podcast (, an initiative that presents and develops the idea that cognitive sciences are the only one building a tangible bridge between the biological and cultural world.
  • Luis Paredes

    Luis Paredes

  • Ph.D. in Physics and Master in Astronomy (U. of Berlin) and Ph.D. in Philosophy from the U. Adolfo Ibáñez, Master in Humanities with mention in Philosophy, Literature and Art from the U. Adolfo Ibáñez. President and founder of Sociedad Lunar. Awarded the Avonni National Prize with mention in Environment in 2016.
  • Amarí Peliowski

    Amarí Peliowski

  • Architect of the Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, and Ph.D. in History of Art from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), París. Currently a professor and investigator at the Centro de Investigación en Artes y Humanidades (CICH) de la Universidad Mayor, and member of the Laboratorio de Historia de la Ciencia, Tecnología y Sociedad de Chile (associated to DHST).
  • Verónica Ramírez

    Verónica Ramírez

  • Ph.D. and Master of Literature (Universidad de Chile). Professor and investigator for the Facultad de Artes Liberales of the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, and member of the Laboratorio de Historia de la Ciencia, Tecnología y Sociedad de Chile (associated to DHST). She presides the Directory for the Fundación Cooltura.  Among her line of research, her study of dialogues between literature and science stand out, and more especially, those between literature and astronomy.
  • Carlos Verdugo

    Carlos Verdugo

  • Ph.D. in Philosophy from the U. de Valparaíso. Tenured professor at the Instituto de Filosofía of the Facultad de Humanidades of the Universidad de Valparaíso.
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