• Science and Humanities

    Science and Humanities

  • Development of Knowledge

    Development of Knowledge

    In recent years there has been an increasing concern regarding the existing relationship between science, technology and society in the professional area as well as in international research
  • There are, increasingly, more instances, publications, projects and experts that study the scientific processes from an historic and cultural perspective. Meanwhile, what can science do for humanities? we will see...
  • Integration


    Some scientists have made a great effort to extend their study fields towards humanities. But there are not very many opportunities for these professionals to be able to discuss and reflect on these ideas.
  • Creativity and imagination, both human creations, are transversal and equally relevant for science as well as for humanities.
  • Does it make sense to speak about an "inside" and an "outside" of science?
  • What does it mean when we say science, as well as humanities, are activities immersed in a certain social context and, as such, are considered a cultural product?

... at Espacio Cero...

we believe that these are crucial concerns for advancing towards a new proposal that promotes science and humanities as two interconnected areas of knowledge with a common basis and which often pursue the same goals

  • Create workspaces that promote conversations around connections between science and humanities, and reflect on the impossibility of defining, in a clearcut way, the frontiers between one and the other.
  • Establish integrating and valuable dialogues between scientists and humanists.
  • Promote science and humanities as a dialogue and joint knowledge space, as a world without frontiers.
  • Include in this dialogue those students that are yet being formed, as well as public in general, with the aim to awakening in them an interest in areas that are different to those in which they are knowledgeable, or that of their workspace, and promote the fact that the different areas of study are truly linked by common threads and methodologies, and that they are interconnected.
  • Generate opportunities so that our community may share their thoughts with international and national authorities dedicated to studying and putting into practice connections between science and humanities.
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