Espacio Cero was created to generate instances for dialogue and cooperation, as well as a meeting place for science and humanities, specifically the organization and realisation of the Congreso de Ciencias y Humanidades (Sciences and Humanities Conference)  with an annual periodicity, bringing together national and international experts on the subject.

Conceived and developed by the Sociedad Lunar (presided by Luis Paredes) and Fundación Cooltura  (presided by Verónica Ramírez).

Luis Paredes, PhD. in Physics and Master in Astronomy (U. of Berlin) and PhD in Philosophy (U. Adolfo Ibáñez), ex president (1994-2007) of the Sociedad Astronómica de Valparaíso y Viña del Mar (Saval). He has dedicated his life to studying and analising the intersections between science and philosophy, science and art, science and literature and science and humanities. Founder of the Sociedad Lunar  (falta link de la web de Sociedad Lunar)

Verónica Ramírez, PhD. in Literature (U. de Chile). Professor for the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, member of the Laboratorio de Historia de la Ciencia, Tecnología y Sociedad (asociated to  DHST). (Literature and Science). President of Fundación Cooltura.