A meeting place for dialogue and cooperation between science and humanities, essential components of all society.


Espacio Cero is an invitation to undertake a journey. A journey towards spaces of dialogue, agreements and actions that tend towards a meeting of two worlds generally considered as separate. To journey is a creative activity and consists precisely of that humanization of the Universe through poetry, art and science.

In this way, a poetry of knowledge is generated. Poetry expresses and science explains, becoming a poetic activity that seeks to know. The first invitation, therefore, is to journey to listen to what the other has to say. The second invitation is to set forth what you want to say.

If anything the other says remains within us, and something of what we say remains within the other, then communication has begun. The worlds are now in contact and the encounter has occurred. Let us see where this adventure leads us to, where passion is the sail and reason the helm,...

"The human being is the aperture through which the Universe contemplates itself..."